Information for health professionals

Help families make healthy changes for their future

Empower parents and carers to make informed decisions through practical education and the provision of supporting resources.

Program overview

Better Health Program runs for 10 weeks and helps families with healthy eating, physical activity and behaviour change.
It is delivered in both a group based and online formats. Both formats are fun and focus on families forming positive habits.
Designed by the Better Health Company’s team of nutrition, psychology and exercise professionals. It offers practical skills and knowledge that lead to sustained change.

The content is aligned with current Australian Government
guidelines for healthy eating and physical activity.

How does Better Health Program help families?

We aim to bridge the gap between emerging research, best practice evidence and government guidelines by developing hands on, practical programs for the health and community sectors.

Our team provide ready-made programs, professional development training, data management systems and accessible resources – all designed to help you provide high quality services to your clients.

In a group

Families attend 2-hour group sessions with their child, once a week in a local venue. They participate in family learning sessions, games and physical activity for their child.

From home

Complete fun, online sessions with your child and a weekly call with your own personal health coach. All from the comfort of your own home!

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